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March 23, 2017

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  • Root One Six : Jeep Visors on the side are pretty useless...
  • Jeep Momma : didn't have to use spit!
  • Root One Six : Primer paint, then paint of your choice, then sealer.. Done!
  • Root One Six : It looks GREAT too!
  • Nicky G : Spit usually holds the gasket on for me
  • CJ Dave : Thanks.
  • Tony : put some butter on it
  • Root One Six : Ohhh YEA!
  • Root One Six : We all love Tammy! Because her Jeep is NOT Red! Ha HA!
  • Root One Six : Nicky G... Noooo man... Noooo
  • Nicky G : PLease RhondaEi. Tell me more about this DNA Mutations.
  • Root One Six : We have Bear Butt Hammocks for you Josh! :)
  • Josh : Check out Root One Six and what they can offer here Jeepers!
  • Josh : I have a feeling my big ass would produce something resembling an old school Disney "Goofy" movie trying to get in and out of that thing.
  • Root One Six : Woot Woot... BTW... We sell pretty much everything now... Like really..Everything... Except Jammocks.... For now.. ha ha!
  • Tony : you provide the ship
  • Nicky G : how about intergalactic shipping on that Jammock?
  • Josh : I have no idea... I just work here Nicky. 😉
  • Tony : he left that last hotwing
  • Nicky G : How did Josh neat me here?
  • Tony : Welcome to the show!
  • Root One Six : Might just do it..
  • Josh : aaaaand we're going....
  • Jeep Momma : You should record that and send it to Tony!!!
  • Root One Six : Ha ha! Black Jeeps are SSOOooooooo Sex-EEEeee
  • 4.3L XJ : 😀
  • Jeep Momma : 7...8...9...Black Jeep!
  • Jeep Momma : LOL!
  • 4.3L XJ : 4...5...6... Jeep
  • Jeep Momma : Good Evening!!!
  • Root One Six : Test 1... 2... 3... JEEP!
  • JTS Chat : Welcome to Jeep Talk Show Chat

Jammock “hammock for your Jeep” Give Away!

March 5, 2017


You’re on Facebook, right?  Sure everyone else {rolls eyes}  Now post a Facebook LIVE video telling Tony, Josh and Tammy why you MUST have, can’t live without a Jammock for your Jeep!

Be sure and put @jeeptalkshow in the comments of your video so they’ll see it, and LIKE the Jeep Talk Show Facebook page!

That’s it!  Tony, Josh and Tammy will pick the best Facebook LIVE video and announce the winner of the Jammock on an upcoming Jeep Talk Show episode.

Can’t wait?  Then just go to and get you a Jammock for your Jeep, who knows you might have two, one for the front seats and one for the back seats!

** U.S. lower 48 only.  You must be 18 years or older to win.

Jeep Talk Show, there’s an APP for that!

March 18, 2017



Ep.272 – Jeep Talk Show Top 10 Topless Tips

March 17, 2017

This Week In Jeep: A New Jeep Talk Show App

Extreme Wrangler: Nate Axle segment 9 GM 14 bolt

Wrangler Talk: Top 10 Topless Do’s and Don’ts

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk: Jeep Warranty with Modifications

Jeep Cherokee Stock To Wheeler: Feelin’ Good About Your Jeep

Wheeling Where:

Carolina Trails Off Road presents: Uwharrie Invasion!

Easter Jeep Safari

Red Rock 4-Wheelers web page at

Jeep Talk Show Give Away: Jammock Give Away Details  

Links Mentioned in Episode 272:

The Jeep For A Cure — Donations for Breast Cancer


JTCiS Ep.30 – Bryan – Carolina Trails Off-Road

March 14, 2017

Tammy and Tony visit with Bryan of Carolina Trails Off-Road. Not your typical off road club!


Ep.271 – Cummins Diesel for Your Jeep?

March 10, 2017

  • This Week In Jeep
    • Cummins Diesel Crate Engine
    • Delays continue for the Jeep Pickup
  • Wrangler Extreme
    • Axle Series Dana 60
  • Wrangler Talk
    • Getting Ready for Topless Weather
  • Reviews
    • Creepydayz56
    • Rich Boberg
    • Danny Cross
  • Tech Talk with Jeep Talk
    • Fenders for your Wrangler
  • Voice Mail
    • Nate
    • Zack from Santa Barbara
  • What is Overlanding?
  • From the Mind of NickyG
  • Jeep Momma Product Review
    • RAM mounts suction cup mount
  • Wheeling Where?!?!

Kiddie Pool Fender Flares

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JTCiS Ep.29 – Guest Joe Under the Sun Inserts

March 8, 2017

Joe from join Tammy and Tony to talk about grill inserts for your JK and JKU Jeeps!

Joe announces they now have inserts for another Jeep model, and more coming!