May 11, 2015

Yes you can afford advertise on the Jeep Talk Show!

We offer a live read, 15 second pre show, and 60 second mid show for your product, company, or event!  The advertising is sold as a package.  The package is four consecutive episodes.

Our prices are based on the average number of downloads of shows 30+ days after release.  Our CPM, cost-per-thousand, is $25 for the Jeep Talk Show.

Keep in mind, your ad isn’t just heard the day the show is released! Our product is on demand and your customers may hear your ad many days or weeks after the show is released.

For current advertising prices, email

The graph, below, shows our month to month gains since moving to Libsyn, our show distributor, in 2013.  We made this move so we could have accurate download stats.



We are available by phone if you would like to discuss our advertising.  Please email to schedule a call.


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