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January 13, 2018
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Amazon-icon[1]Shopping at Amazon?  Use this link first CLICK HERE TO SHOP AT AMAZON and we’ll get a few pennies from your purchase!  Want to share our link with other people so they can shop and help the show?  Just give them this, and thank you!

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email-logo[1]Email us at
Keeping it simple, one email address for everything! Guest ideas, Events you’d like for us to tell our listeners about…





Call us at 530-675-4102
This is our 24×7 voice mail line!  Call in and leave us a message and you may hear it on the show!

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20170219_180501-squareWheeling Where?!?!? Submission!

Do you have an event coming up?  We’d like to know about it!  We may use it on the show, and/or included it in our episode show notes!  Just click here and fill out the form that is displayed.  To reach the most listeners it’s best to get this information to us THREE WEEKS prior to the event!  The Jeep Talk Show is listened to on demand.  That means we don’t know when someone will listen to it.



guest-friendly-follow-up[1]Be a guest! Please fill out this form!

Suggest a guest!  Please fill out this form!

Anyone can be a guest on the Jeep Talk Show, as everyone has a story!



facebookreviews1[1]We love hearing from you!  It’s important to us that you take the time to contact us, and find it very helpful to the show when you take the time to give us a review.  You can review the show on iTunes, Stitcher and Facebook.  Many of you like the ease of using Facebook reviews, so if you haven’t reviewed the show or you have and want to do it again just go to

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jts-sticker-stickergiantYou can get your FREE Jeep Talk Show sticker!  Just call or text our voice mail (530-675-4102) line and let us know you want a sticker, or two.  We’ll send you an address where you can send your self addressed stamped envelope.  We recommend a 5×7″ envelope if you don’t want your stickers folded!  This offer is valid as long as stickers last!  Make sure you get the postage correct as we will not be responsible for any additional postage.




D16E050_AMAZON_ALEXA_EMAIL_ANIMATION[1]Get our Jeep NEWS on your Amazon Echo!
Just say “Alexa, enable Jeep Talk Show News”
Then every time you say “Alexa, news” you’ll hear Jeep Talk Show news!
You can also listen to entire episodes on your Amazon Echo.  Just enable the Jeep Talk Show skill and say “Alexa, ask Jeep Talk Show to play the latest episode”

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