Ep.318 – The World’s First Jeeper Passes Away

February 2, 2018
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This episode of the Jeep Talk Show is brought to you by ExtremeTerrain.com: your Jeep Wrangler Parts Authority for all things YJ, TJ, JK and 2018 JL Wrangler related.  ExtremeTerrain is a leader in providing accurate information and top notch customer service for the hottest aftermarket Wrangler parts around.  Visit ExtremeTerrain.com today, and ready your rig for the upcoming season with all the hottest Wrangler Parts and Accessories.  Stay tuned to this episode of Jeep Talk Show for the official announcement on their updated 2018 JL Wrangler Parts Page which can be found on www.extremeterrain.com.

This Week In Jeep (News): [0:02:20]

The JK gets laid to rest

If you’re shopping for a new Jeep Wrangler right now, things might be more than a little confusing. That’s because there are two completely different 2018 models on sale.  As it ramps up production of the recently-introduced next-generation Wrangler on a new production line, right around the corner Jeep is still building the outgoing model, which is going on 11 years old. But it will be putting the old war horse out to pasture soon, according to a recent press release.

General Patton’s Jeep Driver Passes Away

Francis “Jeep” Sanza, a beer truck driver and milkman who got his work experience driving for General George S. Patton during World War II, died Tuesday at his Victorian home in downtown Napa California. He was 99 years old. Sanza died in his sleep, said his son Nick Sanza. A framed picture of his former boss General Patton was hanging in the dining room until his last day. From the preparations for D-Day, in May 1944, right up through the landing at Normandy, the Battle of the Bulge and the final push into Germany, Sanza was at the wheel of an open air Willys-Overland with the four-star general in the passenger seat.

Jeep Tips: [0:11:00]

Camber Talk with Steve 4.3LXJ

Josh warns us about failing Alloy USA ball joints after one year of use! [0:15:00]

Wrangler Talk: [0:19:38]

Top 5 Must Have Off Road Accessories

I’m all about the Top 5 this year! Everywhere I look I keep finding cool new Jeep accessories to buy. But where do you start? So today I will share my 5 Must Have Jeep Accessories you need when you go Off-Road. Remember this isn’t everything but tools I feel are the ones I can’t do without when I’m on the trails. First and foremost, if you decide to take your Jeep off-road you should always have an Off-Road Recovery Kit.

Tech Talk with Jeep Talk: [0:27:04]

Last week we started talking about the things you need to know when buying a used winch. We know where to look now, and the types of winches that we’re likely going to be looking for.  In this episode we’re going to get into some of the more common winches you’re more likely to run into on the used market, and some of the more common issues you might find in these winches. Not only that, but we’re going to set you up with the know how to test that used winch you just got for a song and dance.

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“With the highly-anticipated launch of the new 2018 JL Wrangler, the guys and gals over at ExtremeTerrain.com have been hard at work perfecting their 2018 JL Wrangler Parts Page. It’s pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. This page was created and compiled to document the leaks and speculation around the new 2018 JL Wrangler and has made itself a valuable resource in the off-roading community.

In ExtremeTerrain’s latest update, they have added three really cool 2018 JL Wrangler Concept Jeep renderings in three flavors: Apocalypse Jeep, Beach Jeep and Overland Jeep. Each rendering, showcases a unique theme along with an array of corresponding aftermarket parts designed to take the JL Wrangler to the next level. You definitely need to check this out—super cool stuff here. While on the page, viewers will be able to read-up on the backstory, view the different parts lists, and even find out which front bumper is best for pushing through a horde of zombies. You never know, doomsday could be right around the corner. Don’t you want to be prepared?

Please visit https://www.extremeterrain.com/2018-jeep-wrangler-parts.html or click the link in the show notes at jeeptalkshow.com to check out these awesome themed concept JL Wranglers. Let us know which one is your favorite!  For all things Jeep Wrangler, put your trust in the team at ExtremeTerrain.com

Interview with Jason Swenk: [0:38:24]

Image result for Jason Swenk Capture

From the Mind of Nicky G: [1:01:36]

This week Nicky decides to invite himself to lunch with Josh and Dave, or does he?

Jeep Momma Product Review: [1:03:23]

2 Ton Big Wheel Off Road Jack “The Beast” Regular price$ 399.99 In Episode 316 I mentioned this cool new Product.  It’s called The Beast… a two ton Big Wheel Off Road Jack — Winner of Best Off-Road slash four wheel drive Product. From pro eagle designs and manufactures of the best high performance off road jacks.

Cherokee Love: [1:06:45]

How Much Lift Do You Need?

This is such a difficult question to answer.  It really depends on what you’re plans are for your Jeep.  You can elect to lift just because you want to, or lift so you can gain clearance between your axle differential housing and the ground.  Approving your ability to clear objects off road, and in some cases on road!  Every modification on your Jeep will cause you to make other modifications, eventually.

Camp Fire Side Chat: [1:13:41]

Josh starting rebuilt 4.0L in his 1999 Jeep Cherokee this weekend.
Tony decides he’s going to repair his NP242J one more time, then go with the HD NP231J for $1,500
Tammy talks about her recent wheeling trip to Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area (AOAA) with Nate and Chris “CPO

Wheeling Where: [1:30:50]

This is where we talk about what events are comin’ up in your neck of the woods and around the nation….

Who/What: 12th Annual King of The Hammers
When: Friday Feb 2nd – Saturday Feb 10th
More Info: www.Ultra4Racing.com

Who/What: Easter Jeep Safari
When: 03/24 – 03/31
Where: MOAB Utah
More Info: www.rr4w.com

Who/What: California 4Wheel Association Convention
When: 02/16-02-18
Where: Riverside Marriott in Riverside, CA
More Info: https://cal4wheel.com/events/convention

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