Episode 324 – Underwater Jeeps and Finding Offroad Trails

March 16, 2018
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This Week In Jeep:  Mahindra Pseudo Jeep / Ultra-Mini-Jeep in the works / Jeep parks underwater in River. [0:02:42]

Here’s something a little different for all of us Jeep lovers out there.

TWIJ-1In early March 2018, Mahindra Automotive North America launched the Roxor, a side-by-side (two-seater) off-road vehicle.   The Roxor is small, and it has no windshield or safety equipment, so it isn’t street legal. It’s made strictly for fun. And could possibly be more fun than bouncing out of a vehicle with bugs in your teeth?…, i can’t think of a single thing! Mahindra is the Mumbai, India-based brand that focuses on industrial and powersports vehicles and has little name recognition in the United States.

Some people choose to park their Jeep in a garage.

TWIJ-3Other’s may opt for the carport, or just leave it in the driveway. However, the owner of a green-colored Jeep Wrangler decided the best place to park THEIR Jeep was in the Wainiha River on Kauai.   What is likely the result of a single vehicle crash has left many residents puzzled. Last Saturday, police responded to a report of a vehicle that was fully submerged in the river on the east side of the Wainiha twin bridges. According to a preliminary investigation, police said the driver possibly struck the bridge and at some point reversed into the river. The driver then fled the scene. A nearby resident is reported to have heard the crash and went to investigate.    Police said the resident went to the scene and observed the newer model Jeep Wrangler underwater with its headlights still on. Thinking the worst, the resident jumped into the river to austensibly rescue the occupants, only to discover the vehicle was empty. Police have since contacted the vehicle owner to remove the Jeep from the river, and to ask the question on everyone’s mind… just what the “F” happened?!?

It should be coming any day now….

TWIJ-6After months and months of speculation and rumors, we may finally have a slightly less muddy picture as to whether or not Jeep will be coming out with a sub-compact model of SUV’s. Speaking to reporters at the Geneva Motor Show this week, Jeep global boss Mike Manley talked about the possibility of Jeep releasing a new SUV, smaller than the Renegade.  “I have to say THAT one has moved on reasonably significantly,” he said. “You will probably have to wait until our big event in June when we talk about the next five years to see if it’s officially in the plan or not.” Jeep and FCA have been toying for years with the idea of a truly compact SUV.


Contributor Segment: Steve 4.3LXJ: Finding Trails [0:11:28]

CaptureIf you recall Steve, 4.3lxj, started a new series on episode 320, Finding Trails.  Tonight we continue in this series with part 2.

Maps mentioned by Steve in this segment;



Wrangler Talk: Top 5 Personal Items to Take Off Road  [0:19:17]

Top 5 Personal Items to take when you go off road

imagesGood Shoes – lightweight your feet are gonna be on the pedal all day. I go for hiking shoes. I bought Merrels before I went to Moab and they are my go to shoes when I off Road. They are perfect when you need to get out of your vehicle on the rocky terrains.  Change of clothes – never know when you might get all muddy or come across some water you might have to wade into for a rescue.  Water bottles – I like my Jeep water bottles. You need to stay hydrated while your out on the trails. Even though you are in your Jeep you need to stay hydrated.



Ed S. 5 stars on our Facebook Page

Wonderful Podcast. I just listened to the interview with Bryan Hutton and his Jeep Stomper (episode 130ish). It just brought a tear to my eye hearing this heroic story about a man and his Jeep vs. Mother Nature

Interview with: [0:29:27]

Paul Roth – Jeep Cables

From The Mind Of NickyG [0:58:04]

Nicky goes after the Supercroc, don’t miss it.

Must Have Stuff for your Jeep: [0:59:15]

Innovative JK Products IJKP-1:

On-Board Air System Kit for Jeep JKU Wrangler (4-Door) for use with ARB Twin Compressor CKMTA12

81+MDbcZVoL._SL1500_So, let’s say you have an ARB Twin Air Compressor. And now you are left with the task of where to mount it and how to plumb it for use? Now there’s a complete solution in one handy kit. Innovative JK Products has taken all the guesswork out, and developed a complete solution for your tire inflation needs on your 4 door Jeep JKU. Innovative JK Products came up with this solution to address many of the common problems with on-board air systems – dirt/mud, overheating, space, and leaks.  Use our Amazon link and we’ll get a few cents from your purchase!

Cherokee Love [1:04:14]

Tonight’s Cherokee Love information is truly a Cherokee only info thing.  Now before you non cherokee owners finish groaning and looking for that fast forward button, (Nicky G just said “I can fast forward?”)  This may not be specific to your Jeep but this goofiness may help you figure out a similar problem in the future.  Man I love me some bright lights, LED light bars but also headlights, running lights, blinkers and back up lights.  A few months back I was checking the prices of the LED bulbs of ALL my exterior lights and I found prices have really gone down.  So I ordered 3177 LED bulbs front rear, yellow, red and white. Good Lord them back up lights are white and bright, but I digress.

20180310_104703 20180310_104736

Camp Fireside Chat [1:13:25]

Tammy — Family finally went wheeling with me… Remember when Gary from the NWJeepCast was on… I mentioned no legal wheeling in MD  He shared the Frederick Watershed from Trails Off Road.com really close to me about 45 minutes… My family doesn’t go cause too far away… not this time… Frederick Municipal Forest is a 7000-acre oasis. This watershed forest has over 11 miles of gravel, dirt, and slightly rocky roads coursing throughout. The technical rating is a 1 to 2…Dirt road. Dry, or less than 3″ water crossing depth. Some ruts. Slight grades, up to 10 degrees.  Tony — Novak no HD NP242J parts, but willing to build me a HD NP231!

Wheeling Where: [1:23:22]

Uwharrie OHV Jamboree 2018

52nd Annual EJS – Easter Jeep Safari

JEEP NIGHT at Boardwalk Billy’s

Links Mentioned in Episode 324:

Jeep Momma Wheels the Frederick Watershed     






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