Next Guest Interview Jerry Samouce

April 10, 2018
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jerry1I am the son of a real life Rocket scientist, an ARMY veteran, a deep Patriot and a Jeeper, who grew up in Houston Texas and moved to North Carolina for the weather change. My family is made up of my lovely wife Tracy, my college aged daughter Avery, two dachshund doggies and 18 chickens. I have a bachelors degree in Psychology and a minor in Industrial Sculpture and spent many years as an avid Bronze-smith and Blacksmith on my spare time. My wife who had just purchased her first Jeep ask me to “Make” her a flagpole for her Jeep, which would let us open the tailgate. So, luckily, I invented the Freedom Flyer, and people LIKED it, a lot, and here we are.

Find out more about Jerry, Old Soldier Iron Works and the Freedom Flyer on the next episode of the Jeep Talk Show!


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Episode 327 – Truck Night in America

April 6, 2018
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This Week In Jeep: [0:02:12]

Quarterly Numbers Reports

34922576_01X[1]It’s been a little while since we reported on the numbers produced by our beloved Jeep brand and its current parent company FCA US. Every now and again, we like to share the quarterly numbers for those who keep track or are interested in this sort of stuff. And IF you’ve been keeping track, you’ve noticed that sales growth has been lackluster or outright missing in some cases over the last several quarters. Well the first quarter of 2018 has boded well for FCA & Jeep as the 18-month losing streak has finally come to an end. March closed with a 14 percent sales increase to over 216 thousand vehicles on the strength of a 45 percent increase in Jeep sales, which topped 100,000 units in a month for the first time in the brand’s history. I’m just going to go ahead and mention that the Jeep Talk Show’s reach and influence was an unofficial and at this time unconfirmed instrumental part in this unprecedented growth. Jumping back to reality, the company’s struggling fleet mix rose to 25 percent for the month, from 23 percent a year ago.

Another Celebrity Jeeper.

WWE’s John Cena signCaptureed his wrestling contract in 2001, and his success quickly blossomed. Back when Cena’s career was just beginning, he spent his first big paycheck from the WWE on a personal passion of his — cars.  Though that very first vehicle purchase wasn’t exactly what most would call a collector’s item. In a recent YouTube episode of the series “John Cena – Auto Geek” the former pro wrestling star says: “I signed a contract for myself way, way back when for peanuts. But, I felt like I needed to showcase my accomplishment, and I did – with this baby right here,” giving the faded …eh-hem…. red 1989 5 speed Jeep Wrangler YJ a little love-tap on the top of the door. What’s funny is that he admittingly didnt know how to drive a stick when he first got it. Needless to say, he learned real fast. “It was the first car I ever paid cash for without some money from the parents” he said. “I bought it with 80,000 miles on it,” He’s kept secret the actual amount he payed for it back then, but today…. it is his most driven vehicle.

Special Interview: Truck Night in America Contestant Marbella Marie [0:12:22]

CaptureMarbella Maria, a recent contestant on Truck Night in America and Jeep owner visits with Tony from the Jeep Talk Show to talk about her experiences on the set of one of America’s most popular new shows!  Marbella was on episode 4 of “Truck Night in America”.  Read more »

Our Guest This Week, Rob “Bender” Park

April 4, 2018
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CaptureRob “Bender” Park is an internationally known master fabricator, builder and racer. He’s been building rigs and competing professionally for over 40 years. Bender began racing at the age of five and since that time he has competed in almost all forms of Motorsports. Learning to weld from his grandfather at an early age, Bender has built a reputation for himself as a premier builder and fabricator by earning several national and world titles around the globe. 

His nickname “Bender” comes from the term “tin bender”, referring to drivers that smash and roll their vehicles.  He started the four-wheeling club “Tin Benders” in his garage.  The “Tin Benders” raced as a group on local four-wheeling trails and this eventually evolved into the “King of Hammers” off-road race, now the largest off-road race in the word.

With his extensive knowledge of building and racing, Bender provides a skill set that is exceptionally rare. Now Bender has brought his skills to the set of Truck Night in America as a Host/Expert.

Photos courtesy of Endemol Shine

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Episode 326 – Brand New Axle Upgrades From Dana / Spicer

March 30, 2018
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This Week In Jeep: 

Tragic Jeep Rollover

At around 4:05 p.m. saturday afternoon,  The Sedona Fire District was dispatched to 36400 SR 89A near Page Springs Road in Arizona on reports of an accident and brush fire. According to a news release from Jon Davis, fire marshal for the Sedona Fire District, the accident involved a tour jeep from “A Day In The West” Jeep Tours. The company offers various levels of Jeep only offroad tours of the Sedona area including several historical and challenging trails. On Saturday, this particular Jeep which had been modified to carry more passengers, had been carrying six people plus the driver. The jeep had rolled over for an unknown reason, but came to rest in an upright position.

WELL…that didn’t take long.

Breaking news coming out of The Easter Jeep Safari….

Dana Inc. has just introduced a new line of aftermarket Dana axles and Spicer drivetrain components for the new Jeep Wrangler JL. The line of drivetrain upgrades includes Ultimate Dana 60 front and rear axles, Spicer Performance nodular iron differential covers, chromoly axle shafts, bearing kits and expanded ratio gears.

Dana made the announcement this week at the Easter Jeep Safari taking place now through April 1 in Moab, Utah. Both the Wrangler Sport and Sahara come with the all new, completely redesigned Dana 30 axles in front and Dana 35 AdvanTEK axles in the rear. The Rubicon however, comes equipped with Dana 44 AdvanTEK axles in front and rear. Each of these axle designs have been improved and strengthened for the Wrangler JL. Even though the new Jeep Wrangler JL features these extensively redesigned Dana axles as a part of its standard equipment package, there are always those of us enthusiasts who want to push the envelope.

Steve 4.3LXJ:

Finding Trails Part 4 on  Map Reading   Read more »

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