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March 18, 2017



Ep.272 – Jeep Talk Show Top 10 Topless Tips

March 17, 2017

This Week In Jeep: A New Jeep Talk Show App

Extreme Wrangler: Nate Axle segment 9 GM 14 bolt

Wrangler Talk: Top 10 Topless Do’s and Don’ts

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk: Jeep Warranty with Modifications

Jeep Cherokee Stock To Wheeler: Feelin’ Good About Your Jeep

Wheeling Where:

Carolina Trails Off Road presents: Uwharrie Invasion!

Easter Jeep Safari

Red Rock 4-Wheelers web page at

Jeep Talk Show Give Away: Jammock Give Away Details  

Links Mentioned in Episode 272:

The Jeep For A Cure — Donations for Breast Cancer


JTCiS Ep.30 – Bryan – Carolina Trails Off-Road

March 14, 2017

Tammy and Tony visit with Bryan of Carolina Trails Off-Road. Not your typical off road club!


Ep.271 – Cummins Diesel for Your Jeep?

March 10, 2017

  • This Week In Jeep
    • Cummins Diesel Crate Engine
    • Delays continue for the Jeep Pickup
  • Wrangler Extreme
    • Axle Series Dana 60
  • Wrangler Talk
    • Getting Ready for Topless Weather
  • Reviews
    • Creepydayz56
    • Rich Boberg
    • Danny Cross
  • Tech Talk with Jeep Talk
    • Fenders for your Wrangler
  • Voice Mail
    • Nate
    • Zack from Santa Barbara
  • What is Overlanding?
  • From the Mind of NickyG
  • Jeep Momma Product Review
    • RAM mounts suction cup mount
  • Wheeling Where?!?!

Kiddie Pool Fender Flares

Voice mail line 530-675-4101

Forums:, and


JTCiS Ep.29 – Guest Joe Under the Sun Inserts

March 8, 2017

Joe from join Tammy and Tony to talk about grill inserts for your JK and JKU Jeeps!

Joe announces they now have inserts for another Jeep model, and more coming!


Ep.270 – Jeep, Beat Not Babied!

March 3, 2017

  • This Week in Jeep
    • FCA Sales fall 10% even with RAM’s Increase
    • Follow up: Jeep Pulled from Dune and 40 year slumber
  • Wrangler Talk
    • Life After Life Steering Part 2
  • Reviews
    • Bryce McNab
  • Voice Mail
    • Joliet Johnny
  • From the Mind of  NickyG!
  • Must Have Stuff for your Jeep!
    • EK Motor Sports Grab Handle 1.75″
    • Black Grab Bar Jeep Wrangler
  • Camp Fire Side Chat