Episode 372 – Can YOU Pass The Jeep Quiz?

February 16, 2019
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This Week In Jeep: The 2021 Grand Wagoneer

The Palm Springs Mounted Police Search and Rescue launched a GoFundMe


Wrangler Talk: Jeep Quiz

Interview with: Brad with Trail Recon – https://www.trailrecon.net/

TrailRecon Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEEgz9PD6iTRSB0VXNbWvRw

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk: Wiring 101, Wire Size

Must Have Stuff for your Jeep: Atlas 46 Yorktown Tool Roll – https://amzn.to/2UYEWeg

Wheeling Where:

Red Rock 4-Wheelers – Easter Jeep Safari,


1st annual Lone Star Jeep Invasion


Links Mentioned in Episode:



Episode 371 – Can Your Jeep Keep You Alive?

February 8, 2019
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This Week In Jeep: 2020 Jeep Gladiator To Race At King Of The Hammers

            Couple spends 5 days stranded in TJ

Wrangler Talk: Ever Changing Jeep Goals

Interview with: Black Magic Brakes

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk: Wiring 101: How To Deal with a Hack Job

Jeep Momma’s Product Review: The Yeti

Nicky G: Deciphering Toddler Speak

Wheeling Where:

Red Rock 4-Wheelers – Easter Jeep Safari,


Jeep Beach


Jeep Beach is a Jeep only charity event held each April in Daytona Beach, Florida to raise much needed funds for worthwhile local and national charities and organizations. Jeep Beach has become one of the premier Jeep events in the United States. Attracting Jeepers and Jeep industry vendors from all over the USA, Canada, and even overseas, Jeep Beach brings you a week of fun in the sun with thousands of your closest Jeep friends!

Links Mentioned in Episode 371:

Yeti Steering –  


Cryo Science of Oceanside, California –


Extreme Terrain – How To Drive On Sand and Dunes – https://www.extremeterrain.com/throttle-out-jan2019.html

Jeep Action Magazine –



Episode 370 – Would You Eat an Onion for 3,000?

February 1, 2019
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This Week In Jeep: Another Controversial Jeep Super Bowl commercial

Wrangler Talk: Top 5 Things People Do That Annoy Me When it Comes to My Jeep

Interview with: Adam Jones Jeeper and Brown Santa

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk:  Wiring 101 – How To Deal With a “Hack-Job”

Must Have Stuff for your Jeep:



Jeep Cherokee Stock To Wheeler:

Nicky G: Sircrapsalot podcaster

Wheeling Where:

57th Annual Tierra Del Sol (TDS) Desert Safari


Come out and experience the magic and splendor of southern California’s finest wheeling. This year will be another epic event with fantastic vendors onsite and the best raffle on the planet (over $150k in prizes)…Yes, we are going to do it again! THE LARGEST…AND LONGEST-RUNNING…OFF ROAD EVENT IN SOCAL

Red Rock 4-Wheelers – Easter Jeep Safari, Moab UT


Ultra4 Racing – King of the Hammers


King of the Hammers is considered the toughest one-day off road race in the world.

If anyone is going, please let us know, we’d like to perhaps get you some stickers to hand out while there, or grab us an audio sample or two. Either way, we’d love to hear your recap once your back.

Links Mentioned in Episode 370:




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Episode 369 – Pistol Pete Sohren Until We Meet Again

January 25, 2019
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This Week In Jeep: Honoring The Late Great “Pistol” Pete Sohren

Contributor Segment: Short interview Teresa and Marbella two contestants from season 1 of Truck Night in America.

Wrangler Talk: Top 5 things to check before you head to a new Off Road park

Interview with: Rob “Bender” Park


Jeep Cherokee Stock To Wheeler:

Nicky G: Stick vs Auto – Gretchen

Wheeling Where:

Spring Kettle Moraine Jeep Drive


Join us in welcoming spring to Wisconsin, by driving through the northern Kettle Moraine Senic drive. We are starting  the drive at noon at Lapham peak with a picnic before if the weather is nice. And heading north up to Sheboygan. More information will be posted on Facebook as the day gets closer.

Badlands Off-Road Adventures – Starting Rock Crawling


This clinic is specifically designed to get you on-the-rocks! The clinic makes use of trails with a high rock content. If you plan to do the famous Rubicon Trail, you should try to sign up for all the Rock Driving Clinic dates. You can sign up for the Rock clinic even if you are not planning to do the Rubicon.

Links Mentioned in Episode 369:

JK/JKU 3rd Brake Light:



Pistol Pete’s Baja Racing Adventures – http://www.bajaracingadventures.com/

Discount Stripper.com (sexy clothes and shoes for less.) www.discountstripper.com