RB.024 – Rory with RA Designs

July 30, 2014
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The Jeep AW4 transmission doesn’t allow you to shift and hold 1st gear, not out of the box.  This is just one of the items that Rory of RA Designs has a solution for!

Check out this interview from way back when our episode count was still in the 60’s!

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Ep.139 – Josh’s Recent Wheeling Adventure

July 27, 2014
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We have a very special XJ TALK SHOW! this episode.  We dedicated the entire show (well mostly) to Josh’s recent wheeling adventure.

Join Tony and Josh and be happy it wasn’t you that went through all this. 😀

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Ep.138 – Fiat Chrysler denies report of merger talks with VW

July 21, 2014
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  • Show Opener
  • This Week In Jeep
    • Down-under downfall of a downright clever promotion
    • A little more sooner than later for ZJ recall fix
    • Fiat Chrysler denies report of merger talks with VW
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  • Welcome to our Newest YouTube Subscribers!
  • Jeep Tips! – Part III A/C repair by Steve, 4.3lxj
  • Voice mail
  • Reviews
  • Chit Chat
  • Show Wrap Up

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RB.23 – Interview with Richard “Goatman” Gauthier

July 16, 2014
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We return to 2013 for this interview with 2nd place finisher in King of the Hammers, Richard “Goatman” Gauthier!

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