Show Changes Starting with Ep.301

September 29, 2017
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podcastinmeme-feature-jpg[1]We recently ended the popular Jeep Talk Call in Show, but we’re not ending some of the things we learning from it.  We’re adding them to the Jeep Talk Show! First off we’re adding another thirty minutes to the show!  With that additional time we’ll be able to have guest interviews! Sadly we are ending the LIVE broadcast of the show on youtube.  In it’s place we will have video clips from the show available on youtube.  We’re sad because we’re going to miss interacting with the audience.  The great news is you can still interact with us at, or by calling our voice mail line at 530-675-4102!  We love hearing from you guys!

Longer show, guests, and video clips so you can SEE what we’re talking about!

What do you think?  Let us know what you think about our changes!




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