The Last Episode of Jeep Talk Call in Show

September 6, 2017
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radio-mic-mike[1]Episode 53 was our last episode of the Jeep Talk Call in Show.  It was great fun working with Tammy and visiting with all that participated.

I have long loved the call in show format.  How much fun is it to talk to people with the same interest you have, Jeeps!  After Josh joined the team he and I talked about having a call in segment on the then XJ TALK SHOW! or perhaps an entire show we would do on a monthly basis where we’d chat and take calls.

Even though we have a very robust audience it seems that only a small fraction of the listeners were available to listen live and an even smaller fraction that were willing to call in.  I remember years ago, before there was an Internet calling in to a popular overnight call in show.  It was a local terrestrial station.  I was very nervous, and where I find it difficult to understand how anyone would be nervous talking to us I have heard it in first time callers.

I thought that maybe just maybe we had a large enough audience now where we could do a simple call in show.  After a while it was pretty clear that even though the 8pm CT show time was good for both coasts we still didn’t have the audience, or perhaps an interesting enough of a show, to get people calling in.  We did have a couple of shows where I was very hopeful.  We had so many calls it was hard to fit them into a single 30 minute episode.

Eventually we went to another love of ours, the interview.  Surprisingly just when I thought we found a way to get people to call in, speaking to the guests, the calls dropped even further!  I really misread that one.

Whether it was poor timing, poor execution, or just not a large enough audience will have to remain unknown.  All we can do is try and boy we sure had fun and learned a lot along the way, specifically from the guests we interviewed.

Oh and something I didn’t mention here were the downloads.  We were getting half, or less than half the downloads we get for the Thursday show.  And really downloads are the real metric in knowing how interested the public is in the show.  We have some spectacular reviews, that I am very proud of.  We have also seen flat growth for the last 6 months.  My theory is that the Jeep Talk Call in Show was holding people back from subscribing, or perhaps they heard the call in show first and thought that was all that the Jeep Talk Show is.  Obviously much more work is put into the Thursday show.

We gave it a year, and 53 episodes, so it wasn’t a knee jerk reaction.

As always we’d love to hear from you.  Give us your thoughts of the call in show.  Who knows we may have some form of call in segment in the future.


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