Ep.323 – New Wrangler Just Got More Expensive

March 9, 2018
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This Week In Jeep: [0:01:23]

Price Shock

It happens to most of us when we find out just exactly how much that new shiny we want is REALLY going to cost. And in true supply and demand fashion, the new shiny Jeep most of really want, just got a bit more expensive.[PIC-1]    It was reported this week that the 2018 Wrangler JL’s shipping from the automaker’s Toledo, Ohio, assembly plant now cost $750 more than they did just a few weeks ago. That brings the entry price to $28,940. Notably, Jeep sells two vehicles as the 2018 Wrangler—a carry-over design badged Wrangler JK that’s now out of production and a redesigned model known to enthusiasts as the Wrangler JL.

Working out in style

You don’t have to be a bodybuilder, a sports fan, or even a jeeper to appreciate this story. Although the name might not ring bells to most of you the team this athlete plays for might. New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara isn’t slowing down during the NFL offseason. As most players focus on healing injuries, reconditioning, and rebuilding. Many players opt to bulk up, add strength and endurance, and hit the gym. This one player however,  is taking that to the extreme…. he’s dragging Jeeps around during his workouts. The 2018 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year posted a video.

The 4×4 Radio Network: [0:12:40]

The Jeep Talk Show is a proud member of the 4×4 Radio Network.  Just visit 4x4RadioNetwork.com and learn more about The 4×4 Podcast, Centre Steer Podcast, Trailchasers Podcast and or newest member the On the Trail Podcast!

Wrangler Talk: [0:13;02]

Tammy can’t swing out her Extreme Terrain bumper with tire carrier.  She gives us all the creative was she tries to get it removed and re-greased.

Reviews: [0:25;25]

Facebook: Hal H. 5 stars! (We now have 70 Facebook page reviews and 129 iTunes reviews!  Thanks guys!)

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk: [0:27:03]

Unit Bearing Woes

I want to give listener Ryan S. a shout out for sending in this question. He writes…

“I’ve been trying to remove the stub shafts from my Dana 30’s Unit-bearing with no luck. What’s the trick to getting these things out?”

Unless your jeep came from or lives in arizona, or southern california or parts of the south where it hardly ever rains, and rarely ever snows, your jeep is likely going to have a bit of rust here and there. Oh sure i’m sure the body is fine, and the floorboards are all intact and rust free…but those components UNDER the jeep, have faced hundreds of thousands of miles of dust, grime, grit, and who knows what else picked up from the road over the years. Even if the Jeep has never seen snow, salt or deep water crossings, the components under a jeep can still freeze up with oxidation and surface rust. And wheel bearings are no exception. When it’s time to replace those front wheel bearings, know as unit bearings, or a broken stub shaft, separating the bearing from the knuckle or the shaft from the bearing can be a real chore

Interview with: [0:37:52]

David Tracy with JALOPNIK

David Tracy is a Jalopnik writer who spends a lot of his time wrenching on rusty, cheap Jeeps. His interest in off-roading came about after his dad, during a “Take Your Child To Work Day,” got his HMMWV stuck in a mud pit on an army base in Germany. When David and his family moved from Germany to Kansas, his dad bought a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ, which was the car David and his brothers learned to drive on in high school. But they didn’t just drive, they off-roaded that ZJ in the flood plains of the Missouri River.  Hard.

From the Mind of Nicky G! [1:03:42]

We’re never quite sure what you’ll hear from Nicky G!  This week Nicky G and his top 5 list of things you should know about North Carolina prior to Tammy’s trip.

Jeep Momma “Tammy” Product Review: [01:36:41]

JT Brooks Automatic Tire Deflator Pros


When I began my off road journey one of the first Off Road accessories I got for myself were JT Brooks Automatic Tire Deflators, they come in a set of four, but recently they came out with the Pro version. The pro version eliminates the need to calibrate, you just simply dial in your desired PSI and Go.  Both of these  tire deflators automatically and accurately deflate tires to a set PSI. Once set —  you screw them onto each tire’s valve stem, and let them do the work. They automatically shut off when the set PSI is reached. This saves so much time on the trails. And all tires can be deflated simultaneously, This allows you to complete other tasks while all tires are deflating.


Cherokee Love: [1:13:46]

Recovery in Reverse

I learned something new, or I knew it and forgot, either way I found it interesting.  I was listening to our new 4×4 network member “On the Trail Podcast” and they were discussing some of their listeners calling them to task about pulling people out, stuck, in harm’s way etc…  Apparently pulling someone’s vehicle out with your Jeep in reverse is a no-no. Why? The ring gear in your diff! Drive and coast part of the ring. When in reverse the you are putting more stress on the angled coast part of the ring which is not as strong.  Josh did you know about this?!?!

Camp Fireside Chat: [1:19:54]

Josh contemplates yard work or Jeep work.  The light is better in the yard… Transfer case rebuild on the schedule this weekend. Borg-Warner Morse chain.  Tammy thinking about heading off road, ALONE!  But it’s close to home, it’s okay, right?  Never wheel alone unless it’s okay, or you have permission from some friends. 😀

Wheeling Where: [1:36:14]

Uwharrie OHV Jamboree 2018

52nd Annual EJS – Easter Jeep Safari

JEEP NIGHT at Boardwalk Billy’s

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    When it’s time to replace those front wheel bearings, know as unit bearings, or a broken stub shaft, separating the bearing from the knuckle or the shaft from the bearing can be a real chore Interview with: [0:37:52] David Tracy with JALOPNIK David Tracy is a Jalopnik writer who spends a lot of his time wrenching on rusty, cheap Jeeps.

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