Episode 330 – One Lucky Dog and a Jeep Oven

April 28, 2018
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This Week In Jeep:

Talk About Luck

It happened earlier today. With No warning, no horn honking, no screeching of tires, just suddenly. A Jeep. Inside a Fed Ex Store. WAY inside. The Delray Beach, Florida Fed Ex Store suddenly had a new entrance, as a newer model Jeep Wrangler came crashing into the store, and not walls, boxes or copiers could halt its momentum. The vehicle carved a path all the way inside the store before it came to a stop, clear at the other end, under a ceiling-mounted Self Service Copy & Print sign. Not exactly what I would call the best place to look for a valet, and I’m fairly certain there were no signs advertising drive thru copy and fax services. The Thursday afternoon crash at the 1911 S. Federal Hwy. branch injured two people who were inside the store — and one medium-sized black dog that somehow found itself trapped under the Jeep. Delray Beach Fire Rescue treated one of the victims at the scene and transported another to a nearby hospital. The injuries were not life-threatening. According to the department’s Facebook and Instagram posts, rescue crews freed the dog from under the Jeep, and the animal is expected to survive.

Well the US gets left out once again, thanks FCA.

After teasing us (for what, a year or so now?) about the possibility of the grand wagoneer coming back to US showrooms, we find out this week, that Jeep is now building a three-row, seven-passenger SUV in China for the Chinese market! It just debuted at the Beijing Motor Show, and it’s called the Jeep Grand Commander, and…. it looks pretty awesome. The Jeep Grand Commander is one of four Jeep models produced in Ningbo as part of a partnership with GAC, and frankly, I’m kind of miffed that we don’t get it here because it looks real nice. The Grand Commander comes with all the hot stuff like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay via Chrysler’s uConnect. Standard on the Grand Commander is, of course, four-wheel drive. It’s a Jeep at the end of the day after all, and even in the People’s Republic of China, there would likely be civil unrest if they tried to pass off some front-wheel-drive people-hauler as a Jeep. The luxury of this SUV is seen in the Nappa leather seating and “wooden-look” accents. It’s not all business though, as the press release for the Grand Commander wants us to be very well aware of the fact that, thanks to features like three-zone independent air conditioning and plenty of headroom throughout, passengers will not be treated differently because of where they sit. It points this out twice, but the interior does indeed seem like a very nice place to be. Exterior styling is large, square and Jeep-like, which is a good thing.

Contributor Segment:

Last in the Series of Map reading with Steve 4.3LXJ

Wrangler Talk:

It’s the Journey Not the Destination, My First Jeep Momma Trail Ride – The Badge of Honor Trail ride, Lesson Learned Go with the Flow, Control Burn – stuck Jeep (Trail Etiquette – Don’t wheel alone) – Cooking in my Jeep

Listener Review

From: long arm xj  – 5 out of 5 stars!
Title: Awesome
Love the podcast! Easy to listen. I have been listening for a while now and always look forward to new episodes

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk:

Shackle Reversal 101

Michael D. from Pomona Ca. writes in, “I’ve been considering performing a shackle reversal for a better on-road ride. Is it really worth it?”

The on-road ride comparison between a shackle-reversal suspension and the standard factory shackle-forward design is like night and day. But that’s not to say that either is without its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Although positioning the shackles at the rear of the spring pack in a shackle reversal allows for a more natural compression of the spring as the front axle travels upward and back, it can be argued that it doesn’t offer as much traction to the front tires when off-road. In the standard shackle-forward configuration as the tire starts to climb an obstacle and the springs compress, the tire is forced forward into the obstacle, increasing bite. However, having driven both suspension types off-road, we’d say we haven’t really noticed any measurable difference in off-road performance. But the on-road ride is way better with the reversal. Most leaf-spring Jeeps rolled out of the factory with the front spring shackles hanging on the front of the frame. No one is really sure why they did that, but we say it was just so you can more easily bend your main leaf, and keep the leaf spring companies in business. It’s a conspiracy. We are going to concentrate on the movement of the Jeep’s suspension when moving forward. This is the motion that your Jeep sees 99.5 percent of the time. Unless, of course, you are like Ferris Bueller out on the trail and are constantly going backwards. Seriously though, there are some real advantages and disadvantages to a shackle-forward and shackle-reversed setup. I’ve set up and driven Jeeps both ways, so I’m going to do my best to help you through the pros and cons of each. At the end of the day, it’s still YOU who is going to have to decide which way is right for you, ….and THAT will depend on how your Jeep is used.

Interview with:

30740111_10215718647223637_5954514007763206893_nTeresa LummusTruck Night In America participant http://www.history.com/shows/truck-night-in-america

Teresa is from North Idaho where she works for the Moyie Mudbog as an event/marketing coordinator. She’s owned many Jeeps for many years (more years than she’ll admit to). She spends most of her time either four wheeling, at mud bogs, races, or fixing one of her 5 Jeeps or her 76 International Scout 2.  Recently she competed on the new History Channel hit show, “Truck Night in America”.  It was one of the best experiences of my life.

Must Have Stuff for your Jeep:

Black Forest Jeep Trail Oven $99.99

5011911A_0-HHPR[1]If you own a JK with a 3.6L engine, and you like having hot food out on the trail… then listen up. The Black Forest Trail Oven is an oven for your Jeep. I know, the last thing your Jeep needs right now is an oven taking up all your valuable cargo space, and just think of the extension card you’d need! The trail oven Reheats pre-cooked food for easy dining on the go. It has 270 cubic inches of warming space, which is enough for about five medium sized burritos. Keeps food in place and off your engine while you’re navigating the trails. Yes I said ENGINE. This essentially is a engine oven. Installs in under 10 minutes, mounting to the factory engine cover attachment points, and can easily be removed for cleaning and storage. All aluminum design for even heat distribution and no corrosion. Even though this was designed to work with the 3.6L Pentastar engines, this can be easily modified to fit other applications. Want to see it for yourself? Just head over to Jeep Talk Show.com and check out the show notes for this episode.

Cherokee Love:

myjeepI was looking for a picture the other day and saw my stock Cherokee, then with a lift, tires.  It reminded me we have new listeners each week who are eager to know more about the basics.  So this week I’m starting a new series of the steps to make your Jeep great again!  My 1998 Jeep Cherokee came with the UpCountry package.  Factory skids, front tow hooks and a massive 1 inch lift! Now as we’ve mentioned several times, your Jeep Cherokee, or Wrangler 4×4, is a very capable off road vehicle straight from Jeep, but just like Tim Taylor the tool man we can make it better! After doing some research I found that my Cherokee could handle 4.5” of lift before needing additional modifications.  It looks like 32×11.5×15 tires should fit under the Cherokee without need to trim any of the body around the tires. A buddy of mine helped me with the install of the lift kit and then it was off to a local tire dealer with wheels and tires in the cargo area of my Jeep for installation.  It took all day, and it was a long day, but my six year old Jeep was finally lifted and looked more like what I thought  Jeep would look. Next week we talk about a lift greater than 4.5” and why you can’t just go big to start.

From the Mind of Nicky G:

Nicky G. calls in each week to share what’s going on with him with a funny spin.

Wheeling Where:

First Annual Eleanor Jeepfest

5th annual Jeepapalooza 2018

Overland Expo WEST

Panama City Jeep Beach Jam

Links Mentioned in Episode 330:

Extreme Terrain Deegan 38 Jeep Story: https://www.extremeterrain.com/throttle-out-april2018.html

Black Forest Jeep Oven: https://www.blackforestgear.com/trail-oven-5011911a

Tom Woods Custom Drive Lines www.4-X-shaft.com

Root One Six Off Road: https://rootonesix.com

Sign Up to be on Truck Night in America http://iconiccasting.com/truck-night-in-america

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