Episode 334 – Tammy And The Brown Santas

May 25, 2018
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This Week In Jeep:

We are OFFICIALLY less than a year away.

Its just now getting leaked…. the inside information dealers got delivered during the 2018 NADA Show at the end of march. The National Automobile Dealers Association  holds an annual convention where the top car and truck dealers convene to learn about the latest tools, tricks, plays and other things they use to sell us the Jeeps we love and want. And to that end, we now have a date. The long-awaited Wrangler-based pickup will go into production this year (which we already knew) …but what was just confirmed is that it will be in US dealerships by April of 2019….that’s less than a year away!

Spontaneous Combustion Of a Jeep – or three.

Brand new Jeep Wranglers just off the line caught fire Monday morning in Toledo. Nearly 2 dozen destroyed at an auto storage lot. What troubling, is that it’s not the first time Jeeps have caught fire in a lot this month. A similar story played out in Swanton Ohio just a few weeks ago. So far it’s not clear whether the two fires are connected, and at this point, at least one of them is getting the attention of the state. This Swanton fire was turned over to the state Fire Marshal’s office. It’s been there for about 2 weeks now, and the office not saying much considering its an active investigation. Just like the one Monday morning being handled by Toledo firefighters. Monday’s fire happened at an auto storage lot on Counter Street near the state prison. About 18-20 Jeeps burned according to a Toledo fire spokesman. It’s not clear how or why this fire started. The lot stores brand new Jeeps that just rolled off the line at the Toledo North Assembly Complex. As for the other fire, that happened on the weekend of May 5th in Swanton. There’s a lot at Toledo Express airport and several Jeeps were damaged there after a fire according to Swanton fire Chief Mike Wolever. He turned that case over to the state Fire Marshal. So far that office has not determined an exact cause of that fire either.

Contributor Segment: 

Steve 4.3LXJ makes his first Jeep modification suggestions.

Wrangler Talk:

Overland Weekend with Brown Santa’s

Interview with:

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