Episode 343 – FCA CEO Dies at 66 Manley to Fill Role

July 27, 2018
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This Week In Jeep

An Automotive Legend Dies

CaptureSergio Marchionne, a charismatic and demanding leader who engineered two long-shot corporate turnarounds to save both Fiat and Chrysler from near-certain failure, died Wednesday after complications from shoulder surgery in Zurich. He was 66.  Marchionne built the dysfunctional companies into the world’s seventh-largest automaker almost by personal force of will, living on a corporate jet crossing the Atlantic to push employees to accomplish what most people thought was impossible amid a devastating global recession. Marchionne, who was Italian and Canadian, had revived Fiat by 2009 when he was picked by the U.S. government to save U.S.-based Chrysler from its trip through bankruptcy protection after being owned by a private equity company. Marchionne met most of his goals, even though at times he was doubted by nearly everyone in the automotive business. But he didn’t live long enough to complete his last two: personally hand over the reins of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to a hand-picked protege and lay out plans for transforming supercar maker Ferrari. While he started small with limited industrial alliances, his ambitions soon grew. The bankruptcy of Chrysler gave him the opportunity to create a global car company with brands including Jeep, Ram, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Maserati that he envisioned would grow to 6 million cars a year. A global economic crisis that bottomed out car sales in key U.S. and European markets prevented him from reaching that goal, but his industrial vision never faltered as he spun off CNH and Ferrari into stand-alone entities. Marchionne recently had shoulder surgery, and the company said last weekend that complications meant he would not be able to return. Sergio was known for his folksy, colorful turns of phrase and for his propensity to wear dark cashmere sweaters no matter what the occasion. Yes, he was a staunch business dealer, who was also known for being a boardroom bull. As Marchionne’s health failed following surgery, a clearly emotional FCA Chairman John Elkann delivered what amounted to an impromptu eulogy and message of gratitude to a man he called his mentor.

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk

Over the last few years of going to off road shows, and getting out with friends in THEIR rigs to go wheeling, since mine has been in the garage getting rebuilt, I’ve noticed something popping up more and more under the hoods of the Jeeps i Come across. Oh sure there’s things like LED underhood lights, and silicone hose sets in matching colors. And there’s nothing like seeing a bunch of AN fittings under the hood of ANY vehicle. But all that stuff is old news. Been on the scene for a while now, and doesn’t carry the wow factor like seeing a boosted inline six. What do i mean by boosted. Well, over the last decade or so, we’ve been sing some crossover of technology coming from the tuner market. Where do think LED lighting started? Granted, turning a Wrangler into a lowered ricer is blasphemy in some circles, but it’s really the performance aspects of that side of motor sports that I’m talking about. I know I know… engine performance is one of those things that typically gets cast to the wayside on our Jeeps for things more important to US like ground clearance and articulation. Things unto themselves that are blasphemous in some tuner circles. But that’s really neither here nor there. The term “boosted” refers to engines of any kind that have their intakes force inducted by either a turbo or a supercharger. And yes, you can get either for your Jeep. Whether it’s 2.4L 4 banger from yesteryear, the tried and true 4.0L inline six, or one of the newer generation Pentastar engines, they all can be modified to accept either form of forced air induction.  Both a supercharger and a turbocharger do the same thing. They compress the air from the atmospheric pressure of 14.7-psi at (sea level), allowing the engine to ingest more air than it could when naturally aspirated by a carburator or throttle body and thereby allowing a proportionate amount of additional fuel to be introduced to the engine. It basically makes the engine think it’s bigger than it really is.

Voicemail from Lugnut

Guest Interview 

Ben Davidson Editor Jeep Action Magazine


Coming up next week 

Del Albright

From the Mind of Nicky G!

Jeep Love

Do I have lockers?

I recently saw a question from a 2011 JKU owner.  He wanted to know if his “non-Rubicon” Wrangler had lockers.  Sadly, unless the previous owner installed them no he does not. What difference would lockers make?  Why does the Rubicon have them?

Camp Fire Side Chat

  • Honda Stolen Thursday – And Recovered Tuesday
  • Jeep is driving but has a leak – New Seal Story (timken/dorman)
  • Jolly Jeepers Event Recap
  • OBA install
  • Engine motor oil cooling
  • Hood vents?

Wheeling Where?

Who/What: Ocean City Jeep Week
When: Aug. 23- 26
Where: Mays Sports Complex in Pittsville, Maryland
More Info: https://www.oceancityjeepweek.com/

Who/What: The Annual Great Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion
When: Aug 24th – 25th
Where: LeConte Center in Pigeon Forge, TN
More Info: https://www.mypigeonforge.com/event/great-smoky-mountain-jeep-invasion

Who/What: Annual Sherrifs Jeepfest & Crawl for the Kids
When: Aug 30 – Sept 2
Where: Just off hwy 53 in Jasper Ga.
More Info: https://www.sheriffsjeepfest.com
A Jeep® event like no other. Started by Sheriff Donnie Craig and the Pickens Sheriff’s Office,
JeepFest is an annual event that helps provide a place to live, food, clothing, supplies,
love and anything else a child might need to prosper. The Sheriff’s Foundation hosts the 3-day event packed full of Jeep® obstacles, trails, mud, concerts, rides, food and much more

Who/What: Topless for TaTa’s
When: Aug 11th -12th
Where: Rausch Creek Offroad Park, Tremont, PA
More Info: http://shop.toplessfortatas.com/
Topless for TATAs is a non-profit 501(c)3 that raises Awareness and Funds for Breast Cancer Research! Started in 2009 with only 65 vehicles, last year there were over 700 in attendance, and to date, this event has raised over $250k for the fight against breast cancer. Get behind the great cause and be apart if this event. Even if you cant attend, there are ways to show your support.

Links Mentioned in Episode 343:

https://www.rootonesix.blog/collections/promo-tent-clearance (use promo code JTS for a 15% discount!)



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