Episode 352 – Jeeper Dies Saving Grandson

September 28, 2018
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Jeep Wrangler Celebrity Customs

Back on episode 350, we broke the news about a new web series tv show that is airing celebrities competing in a Jeep Wrangler Design contest. The show is called Jeep Wrangler Celebrity Customs, and it’s getting a lot of attention. This of course might be in part due to the celebrities they feature alongside some pretty sick Jeeps. Some pretty big names and one pretty face have so far graced the show with their presence. But aside from that it appears as if this has turned from a celebrity challenge, to a battle of the sexes. For years vehicle customization and off roading were predominantly a male driven sport. Over the last 5 or ten years this has been blown out of the water as more and more women find they’ve been bitten by the jeep bug, or enjoy the outdoors more than their male counterparts. And when it comes to designing cool Jeep Wrangler concepts in an online competition, it turns out that women are a little better than men at this…. well Maria Menounos is at least. The SiriusXM host thrashed the competition to create her dream Jeep, as she beat out baseball legend Alex Rodriguez and NYC restaurant media platform The Infatuation’s Andrew Steinthal and Chris Stange at the big reveal Wednesday night. As a huge Boston Red Sox fan, Maria Menounos came armed with plenty of trash-talking — mostly aimed at her New York Yankees nemesis A-Rod. Menounos’ winning four-wheeled creation had a teal blue and white, Venice Beach theme going, and came complete with a dog bed, treats holder and a makeup compact on the steering wheel. Meanwhile, A-Rod’s futuristic design looked like it had been driven off a set for Battlestar Galactica.



2018 has been one hell of a year for Jeep Rollovers

An Oklahoma grandfather is being credited with saving his 13-year-old grandson’s life earlier this month after the Jeep they were traveling in during an off-roading trip fell 150 feet off a New Mexico cliff. 63 yr old Jerry Greenough, of Yukon, died Sept. 2 on a trip to Red River with his son-in-law, Tony Kerley, of Edmond, and twin grandsons, Austyn and Tyler Kerley. Tyler was with his dad in their Jeep and Austyn was with his grandfather, who the boys called Papa, in his Jeep when the vehicle went off the side of the mountain as they descended. Austyn managed to use the CB radio to call for help before the Jeep began rolling. His brother relived the moment everything went wrong. “We got stuck on a rock and, so, my Papa tried to floor (the) Jeep to get it over the rock, and the rock slid out and we just rolled down the hill,” Austyn said. Greenough did all he could to protect his grandson. Recognizing the moment for what it was, Jerry grabbed a hold of his grandson, and just cocooned him during the violent rollover. Wrapping his arms around the boy tight, he protected him from as much as he could as the Jeep rolled down the side of the mountain. Austyn recalled the moments before he was ejected from the Jeep. He says:  “I remember his arms around me, because I held onto his right sleeve all the way down until he let go of me and I lost grip and flew out,” the teen said.

Contributor Segment:

Steve 4.3 LXJ – Dana 30 Tech continued

Wrangler Talk:

Off Road Jeep Hacks

Jeep Pre Off Road 1st hack  your side mirrors you are going to want to adjust them so you can see your rear tires. Even though you made it over that obstacle with your front tires you still need to make it over that obstacle with your rear tires and you can watch in your mirrors as you go over the obstacle. Especially if your sidewall is gonna be scraping up against trees or rocks. You  want to try and avoid any punctures. .

Jeep Pre Off Road 2nd hack Secure those items. For a seasoned off roader this is an obvious one but as a beginner I had not clue all the bouncing around and off camber situations I was gonna get in. a simple thing as your lunch box or bottle of water or flashlight  could be dangerous.

Jeep Pre Off Road 3rd hack  Recovery items easy access. I like to keep my recovery strap, soft shackle, gloves underneath my front drivers side seat. In case I get stuck I don’t want to have to get out of my Jeep walk around to the back of my Jeep open up my tailgate to go searching for my recovery gear. Or even crawl across my seats to the back. This way those items are easy to get at.

Interview with:

Jason Buckles – BOLT LOCK

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Capture Capture


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Nicky G:

Advice for people with a stolen Honda problem

Wheeling Where:

SEMA Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Assoc.


Outer Banks Jeep Jam


Pismo Beach Jeep Fest
October 5th – 7th
“A Jeep Wave like no other “ 5 1/2 miles of beach open for four wheeling. Sand dune wheeling, Beach wheeling Trails, Jeep Parade BBQ, raffles , etc.

Jeep fall color drive
October 20th
We are having a drive through the Kettle Moraine state forest to look at the fall colors. We will be starting at Whitewater Beach at 10:30 AM which is the southern tip of the Kettle Moraine Senic Drive. We will stop for lunch at Lapham peak and then head back on the drive at 1pm ending just north of Sheboygan.

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