Episode 353 – No More Naked Radiators

October 5, 2018
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This Week In Jeep:

CaptureJeep stolen for attempted smash-and-grab robbery

Chris B. of Woodhaven, Michigan, spent the last seven months pouring cash and sweat into his 1998 Jeep Cherokee, adding a ton of aftermarket parts to get it off-road ready. This last Monday morning, the Jeep hit the road…. Unfortunately, it was without Chris. After breaking into other cars, thieves stole the beautifully modified Cherokee XJ from Chris’s apartment complex near Telegraph and West Road. As Chris made a police report with Woodhaven Police Department, the Jeep was spotted on a security camera just 15 miles away in nearby Melvindale. The owner of an auto parts store posted a screen grab of the Jeep to Facebook, saying there was a reward if anyone knew who it belonged to. Chris’s heart just sank. He eventually talked with the auto parts store owner, who told Chris his Jeep was involved in an attempted smash-and-grab robbery, heavily damaging the main garage door to the shop. Obviously distraught, and clearly not wanting any of this to somehow come back on him, he told his story to the store owner in an attempt to clear his name. Obviously having a copy of the police report he’s got nothing to worry about. The guy was just heading to work, only to find that the vehicle he put so much effort, sweat, and money into was taken from him before he could even go to work on a monday morning. Chris is obviously willing to do whatever it takes to get his beloved Jeep back. As a single dad, and with over 7 months labor and $6,000 tied into this Cherokee build, he’s hoping someone out there has a tip that can help him get it back.

CaptureMystery of Self Combustion Jeeps Solved

Ok, it’s a little misleading, because FCA, (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) would not release the exact issue. However, a recent state investigation into those Jeep fires in storage, has shed light on what caused dozens of  these brand new off the assembly line Jeeps to go up in flames while just sitting in a parking lot. The first fire happened on May 21st in a storage lot in Toledo owned by the Ann Arbor railroad. That’s when around 20 Jeeps caught fire. The company investigated, said they knew what the problem was but didn’t reveal it. NOW…. we’re getting a clearer picture of what happened… And we’re learning THAT from the investigation at the Toledo Express Airport in Swanton. That’s where more jeeps caught fire in early May. THAT case was turned over to the Ohio State Fire Marshal’s office. In the course of THAT investigation the state was notified by FCA that the problem was located. According to the car maker ((QUOTE))  “the cause of the fires were due to a high resistance contention of a battery cable for under the rear passenger seat.” That information then had the state turn its determination of the fire to accidental and the state closed the case. FCA said the issue was addressed with no impact to production. None of these vehicles were ever shipped to a customer, all of them were sitting in one storage lot or another. So, currently, FCA says no recall was or is needed because the product never made it to any customer.

Contributor Segment:

Steve 4.3LXJ – Wraps up the Dana 30 tech

Wrangler Talk:

Top 5 Off Road Post checks

Tony and Josh last week I shared with you my Top 5 Pre Off Road Jeep Momma Jeep Hacks. This week I decided to share My Jeep Momma Top 5 Off Road Must Do before you get back on the pavement after a day on the trails.  If you’re like me and use your daily driver to weekend wheel this subject is so important. Unfortunately I really didn’t start doing this until I was well into my off-roading experience. These Top 5 items are things you should check on your jeep or off road vehicle before you hit the pavement for home after you have spent the day on those trails. Now the ideal way to check would be to clean your Jeep of the dirt, dust and mud but that isn’t always possible immediately after a day on the trails. SO I would suggest doing two checks one before you hit the asphalt and again once you get home and can wash off your Jeep. The first item is your tires. Josh has mentioned this before. You can do this while you are airing up. Check for deep cuts and punctures, check your lugnuts to make sure you didn’t lose any or any are loose. You will also want to watch your tire pressure for the next couple of days. I didn’t find out for days after that I had a puncture in one of my tires. Number 2… differentials and transmission. These areas really take a beating when you are out on the trails. Especially those rocky trails. You are gonna want to get under your Jeep and look for dents and leaks and cracks and grease spots on your diffs. If you have been in deep water you are going to sooner rather than later make sure you haven’t contaminated your diff fluids. Number 3 your brakes. If you have been in mud or sand you are going to want to check that brake drum for anything that may have gotten stuck. When I was out on the trails at women’s wheeling day ad fellow Jeeper got a rock stuck in their brakes and had to work it back out while on the trail. Make sure you check the brake lines especially if you are lifted and still have your stock brake lines… if they are too short articulation can put a big strain on those lines.

Interview with:

Dawn from Dirty Acres Custom Grill Inserts


Dawn generously is giving a grill insert for your Jeep to the first caller to our voice mail line.  You’ll have to listen to hear the phrase to win!  She also has provided a discount code that you can use when ordering your Dirty Acres Custom Grill Insert!  Please share your pictures of your rig with your Dirty Acres Custom Grill Insert!

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk:

Power Steering Leak Diagnosis (multi-part)

Power steering fluid loss can only be the result of a few things. If you notice that your power steering fluid is low, and you’re constantly having to top it off every so often, then there’s going to be cause for concern. If you turn a corner and suddenly the steering wheel resistance feels different and there’s a ton of weird smelling smoke coming from under the hood, I’d say that too is likely cause for concern. In most cases, however, the leak is not so prominent. It may be a spot on the garage floor or driveway. It may be a little shudder in the wheel now and again. Maybe that weird noise you’ve been hearing when you pull out of the driveway or parking spot has something to do with it. In any case, you need to get things cleaned up under the hood, and do a close visual examination to determine where the leak is coming from. First we need to familiarize ourselves with the components that COULD cause a fluid leak and go from there. Being able to identify what you’re looking at goes a long way in inspecting your JEep for needed maintenance or repairs. Working our way from the top down, we’ll start with the reservoir. The reservoir is where the fluid for the system as a whole is contained. It will have a mount, an inlet for the return line, as well as opening and cap where you fill it. The pump is up next, and is often times right next to the reservoir and what provides the “power” in the term power steering. The pump has a pulley on the front of it and is driven by the engine via the fan belt, or serpentine belt.

Jeep Momma Product Review:

EK Motorsports Grab handles

CaptureTony and Josh… This week’s product review is the EK Motorsports Grab handles. Grab handles are used for safety and convenience on the roll bar of Jeeps. There are so many different styles out there… from paracord to nylon webbing like the ones I have The EK Motorsports Grab handles.  Well actually I have three different types of grab handles on my Jeep each are great and the perfect fit for the locations they are. I use the EK Motorsports Grab handles on my roll bar on the drivers side and passenger side doors. These grab handles have been consistently rated as the best performing and highest quality in the industry.  They feature a strong hook and loop fastening system that attaches to most roll bars. They are lined with a rubber pad that prevents them from slipping. They have a soft rubber grip that I find very comfortable and doesn’t sag when pulled on. Which is one of the reasons they are perfect for this part of the Jeep. They don’t get in the way of my head while driving or getting in and out of the Jeep. The main reason I bought the EK Motorsports Grab handles was the 100% nylon webbing that is available in a wide variety of colors. Guess what color mine are… Um you guessed it purple. I will say I am very pleased with these grab handles as they are very sturdy and high quality. I love their look as well. The one thing I feel was the only negative was the price. $45 and they are sold in pairs.  But you know the saying…”you get what you pay for and these are definitely high quality, sturdy and great looking grab handles! You can find them for less but only in certain colors

You can find them on Amazon. They come in 2” or 1 ¾” or 3” or 3 ¾” wide

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