Jeep Talk Show LIVE!

December 27, 2018
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Some of you have been with us long enough to remember the YOUTUBE LIVE shows that we did weekly.  We made a few changes to the show’s format and at that time stopped doing the live broadcasts.  One of the things we enjoyed about the LIVE show as reading the comments in the chat room.  It was sad to lose that additional aspect of doing the show.  Recently we created a DISCORD server “Jeep Talk Show” and since it has voice capability we’re trying the live show once again, but this time audio only!  The chat will be there too.  So come join in on the fun, Thursdays at 10pm Central Time.  The guest interviews will not be in the live show, also you may not hear contributor segments.  You’ll need to download the full show for that! 😉

DISCORD works on your smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer! Don’t wait, set it up now and join the Jeep Talk Show server.

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