Episode 344 – Mike Manley is Now THE MAN at FCA

August 3, 2018
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This Week In Jeep:

Mike Manely – Now The Man

The big question mulling around the automotive industry this last week, is what is Fiat Chrysler Automobiles without Sergio Marchionne, the man who basically handcrafted it?

CaptureMoving forward after Marchionne’s planned retirement in 2019 was always going to be a tough task for FCA. Here on the Jeep Talk Show, we’ve talked about many of the challenges and several of the rumors circulating about the famed ”passing-of-the-batton” as many were calling it when we first heard of Sersio’s retirement. Who was going to fill the role of CEO in one of the worlds largest automakers? Especially after one of the most formidable strategists the industry ever saw, was stepping down….?  Who was going to fill those shoes? What direction will the company take moving forward? Was there going to be a merger, or massive sell off of this brand or that? But Marchionne’s unexpected death last week eliminated the chance to choreograph a smooth transition, something he had long planned for, and (at least in recent months) had talked about openly on several occasions, (albeit filled with turns of phrase more than epiphanies) What’s currently the focus of everyone’s attention is just that. Who’s taking over.? We’ve long called for Mike Maley former head of the Jeep Brand, ever since the news broke about Sergio wanting to retire. He is what many say was a natural choice as a successor for Mr. Marchionne. Now the title of CEO Mike Manley’s tenure got off to a rocky start this week, as the company lowered its earnings outlook for the year and shares dropped as much as 16 percent in the hours afterward. Wall Street’s reaction might not have been entirely about the company missing second-quarter earnings expectations or changing its fiscal outlook for the second half of the year; it also seemed to reflect the uncertainty created by FCA losing one of the most strategic and coveted CEOs in automotive history.

Jeep Sues Another “Jeep”

mahindra-roxor[1]You guys may remember, back in march on episode 324, us reporting on a company who has long had a reputation with Jeep (Mahindra) releasing an off road only vehicle that – for everything but the grill – looked exactly like an old CJ. FCA filed a U.S. trade complaint seeking to prevent Indian automaker Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. from importing this off-road vehicle that looks just like its iconic Jeep.

The Fiat Chrysler group filed the complaint on Aug. 1 at the U.S. International Trade Commission, claiming that the model in question “The Mahindra Roxor”  infringes key characteristics of Jeep’s signature trade dress ((QUOTE)) “namely the boxy body shape with flat-appearing vertical sides and rear body ending at about the same height as the hood. They are a nearly identical copy of the iconic Jeep design,” Fiat Chrysler said in its complaint, which included photos comparing the Roxor to the Jeep.

“In fact, the accused product was by the companies own admission  ‘modeled after the original Willys Jeep.’” In 2017, Mumbai-based Mahindra, which claims to be India’s largest sport utility vehicle manufacturer, opened headquarters in Southeast Michigan for its newly developed North American branch. Fiat Chrysler has also said that Roxor imports threaten it with substantial injury as they are underselling Jeeps. Mahindra capitalizes on the cost advantages of manufacturing their products in India and then importing knocked-down kits to the U.S., where they’re assembled in the Detroit area.

Mahindra announced plans in November to invest $600 million in its Roxor manufacturing facility.  (See the video at the bottom of the page for a look at this lawsuit Jeep)

Wrangler Talk:

JT Truck vs JK Wrangler

26992024_2091752667725024_7753156139547172837_n[1]Earlier this week a reader of my blog contacted me with some questions. “I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic of a Jeep pickup truck. Would you purchase one? Good/Bad Idea? Have you ever owned a truck? Would wrangler owner opt for a Jeep truck over a wrangler or do you consider it a completely different playing field? Would I purchase one? Yes if I had extra money I would buy a JT Truck. I actually would love one. But to pick it over my JKU I am not sure. I feel I don’t have enough background knowledge on the truck to decide. Is it a good slash bad idea? I guess it depends on what you would use it for. My dream would be to turn my JKU into my off road vehicle. Get a trailer to haul it and haul it with a JT Truck. Now I have never owned a truck, my husband has a truck. It’s great for when you need to haul stuff.  Would a Wrangler owner opt for a Jeep Truck over a Wrangler? Not really sure. Right now I wouldn’t just because I like to wheel on the rocks and in the woods of AOAA and those can be some tight turns. Not sure how the truck will do in those types of off road situations.

Interview with:

Del Albright

CaptureA 50 year offroad veteran. Inductee to the Off Road motor sports hall of fame. Six years active duty Army (Green Beret, Ranger, Paratrooper, ParaSCUBA, Jungle Ops, Vietnam combat vet, and more). “I’ve been doing off-pavement 50 years; 35 years of land use and published writing.”

Capture Read more »

Episode 343 – FCA CEO Dies at 66 Manley to Fill Role

July 27, 2018
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This Week In Jeep

An Automotive Legend Dies

CaptureSergio Marchionne, a charismatic and demanding leader who engineered two long-shot corporate turnarounds to save both Fiat and Chrysler from near-certain failure, died Wednesday after complications from shoulder surgery in Zurich. He was 66.  Marchionne built the dysfunctional companies into the world’s seventh-largest automaker almost by personal force of will, living on a corporate jet crossing the Atlantic to push employees to accomplish what most people thought was impossible amid a devastating global recession. Marchionne, who was Italian and Canadian, had revived Fiat by 2009 when he was picked by the U.S. government to save U.S.-based Chrysler from its trip through bankruptcy protection after being owned by a private equity company. Marchionne met most of his goals, even though at times he was doubted by nearly everyone in the automotive business. But he didn’t live long enough to complete his last two: personally hand over the reins of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to a hand-picked protege and lay out plans for transforming supercar maker Ferrari. While he started small with limited industrial alliances, his ambitions soon grew. The bankruptcy of Chrysler gave him the opportunity to create a global car company with brands including Jeep, Ram, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Maserati that he envisioned would grow to 6 million cars a year. A global economic crisis that bottomed out car sales in key U.S. and European markets prevented him from reaching that goal, but his industrial vision never faltered as he spun off CNH and Ferrari into stand-alone entities. Marchionne recently had shoulder surgery, and the company said last weekend that complications meant he would not be able to return. Sergio was known for his folksy, colorful turns of phrase and for his propensity to wear dark cashmere sweaters no matter what the occasion. Yes, he was a staunch business dealer, who was also known for being a boardroom bull. As Marchionne’s health failed following surgery, a clearly emotional FCA Chairman John Elkann delivered what amounted to an impromptu eulogy and message of gratitude to a man he called his mentor.

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk

Over the last few years of going to off road shows, and getting out with friends in THEIR rigs to go wheeling, since mine has been in the garage getting rebuilt, I’ve noticed something popping up more and more under the hoods of the Jeeps i Come across. Oh sure there’s things like LED underhood lights, and silicone hose sets in matching colors. And there’s nothing like seeing a bunch of AN fittings under the hood of ANY vehicle. But all that stuff is old news. Been on the scene for a while now, and doesn’t carry the wow factor like seeing a boosted inline six. What do i mean by boosted. Well, over the last decade or so, we’ve been sing some crossover of technology coming from the tuner market. Where do think LED lighting started? Granted, turning a Wrangler into a lowered ricer is blasphemy in some circles, but it’s really the performance aspects of that side of motor sports that I’m talking about. I know I know… engine performance is one of those things that typically gets cast to the wayside on our Jeeps for things more important to US like ground clearance and articulation. Things unto themselves that are blasphemous in some tuner circles. But that’s really neither here nor there. The term “boosted” refers to engines of any kind that have their intakes force inducted by either a turbo or a supercharger. And yes, you can get either for your Jeep. Whether it’s 2.4L 4 banger from yesteryear, the tried and true 4.0L inline six, or one of the newer generation Pentastar engines, they all can be modified to accept either form of forced air induction.  Both a supercharger and a turbocharger do the same thing. They compress the air from the atmospheric pressure of 14.7-psi at (sea level), allowing the engine to ingest more air than it could when naturally aspirated by a carburator or throttle body and thereby allowing a proportionate amount of additional fuel to be introduced to the engine. It basically makes the engine think it’s bigger than it really is.

Voicemail from Lugnut

Guest Interview 

Ben Davidson Editor Jeep Action Magazine

CaptureCapture Read more »

Episode 342 – Lost Oregon Jeeper Found Alive!

July 20, 2018
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This Week In Jeep

Missing Woman and Jeep FOUND!


We reported it last week, just days after the call went out, The Jeep Talk Show and national news organizations alike put the word out about a Portland Oregon woman, who went missing in her Jeep on her way down to california to visit family. 7 days later, she was found. Last Friday, two people spotted the crash scene as they were looking for a new place to fish, and called 911. “We saw a bumper first and we were like, look there’s a bumper, that’s weird. And then came around another bend and we saw the car,” said Chelsea Moore. Chelsea and Chad Moore said they heard Hernandez, but at first they thought she was another camper. “We turned around and Angela was right there in the rocks, just looked like hell, but she was happy at the same time, she was really happy to see us. We asked her, ‘Were you in the Jeep?” And she said, ‘That was my Jeep,” Chad Moore said. On Facebook, Hernandez said she swerved to avoid a small animal in the road, before losing control of her Jeep and crashing off the 250 foot cliff. She wrote that she could only remember waking up in her car, with the water rising over her knees.

Here’s an incredible way of doing things…..


So the roof rack weight limit on a Jeep Liberty is roughly about 150 lbs. Just about enough for camping gear, or snowboards, bikes, or kayaks, or even one of those cargo carrier things. But not so good for full grown men with too much liquid courage. Nor is the anemic roof rack rated to carry full size appliances. Now we’ve all seen those pictures online of a vietnamese guy on a motorcycle carrying a quarter ton of bricks and a 20 ft ladder all on a moped pulled by a donkey. But that shouldn’t be the inspiration for how a person planned on getting a front load washing machine home from the store. When I saw the picture of what this Jeep owner did, I was flooded by a mish mash of emotions. First there was confusion. I had no idea what I was looking at. Then I was in denial. There’s no way I’m seeing what I’m seeing. Then I was both shocked and impressed at the same time, but then that dissolved into a morbid curiosity. For what I was seeing was a full size washing machine strapped NOT to the cargo rack of this little Jeep….. But to the hood. Apparently, one texas Jeep owner thought this to be a good idea. Now I will give them credit, as they doubled up on the moving blankets that were protecting the paint job and were using appropriate sized hold down straps to secure the load. NEVER MIND that virtually the entire windshield is covered by the width of this appliance, and that there is no way this person could drive that jeep down the road without hanging out the window like a slobbering dog.

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Wrangler Talk:

Top 5 Storage Solutions

You get the early scoop on my next episode of Jeep Momma’s Garage. It’s a weekly video series I post on my YouTube Channel. And yes I’m back to My Jeep Momma’s Top 5.   I’ve tested out several… Spiderweb Shade Grab bag https://www.spiderwebshade.com/jeep-products/accessories/grabbag/  11 signature TrailMesh colors. easy-to-access storage in the Jeep goes right on the handle of your glovebox fits ALL Jeep Wrangler models from CJ to current JK Wranglers. Can fit all smartphones and some smaller tablets. You can hook your sunglasses on it. I like to clip my handheld CB to it when I’m wheeling. It’s detachable. BlueRidge Overland Gear Molle SeatBack Panel.  https://www.blueridgeoverlandgear.com/Default.asp This is great if you have younger kids they can store all their stuff in the molle bags. I like to keep the things I need to get without having to open my rear tire swing and tailgate. Molle Bags come in all sizes. Great to put all your Jeep stuff. BlueRidge Overland Gear and Justice Off Road both carry these bags. MoreRyde Ammo Can Carrier with Molle panel Cargo space is a premium in the Wranglers and this storage solution uses some awkward space really good. I have two. They go right over your inner rear fenders in the cargo area. I use craftsmen cloth bags instead of ammo cans. You can add a molle bag and the space between the molle panel and the inner fender is useable too. Hats, gloves, or even a recovery strap. http://www.morryde.com/products/199-jeep-ammo-can-kit-with-molle-holder?return=%2Fproduct-category%2F9-jeep-accessories Justice Off Road Molle tailgate Panel https://justiceoffroad.com/collections/molle-products/products/molle-tailgate-panel-kit Perfect for organizing all your off road needs that can be gotten to quickly. Or check out my build page on Jeep Momma.com http://www.jeepmomma.com/p/jeep-parts.html


Chadbert 5 out of 5 stars!
Why more could you ask for?
If you aren’t already subscribed to this podcast than you are doing yourself a disservice. The material on this podcast may be Jeep centric but it’s entertaining enough to even satisfy a non-Jeep owner. The cast is well informed and provides their knowledge in a fun manner. As a new Jeep owner I have found it imperative to go back and listen to the entire catalog of episodes. A lot of the questions I didn’t know I had were answered. And to those who are seasoned “Jeepers”, you’ll get even more out of this podcast than anyone else. Long story short…everyone including your fathers brothers nephews cousins former roommate should subscribe to this podcast. Btw the answer isn’t red or black..its green. Purple is ok too I guess. Go Ravens!

Root One Six – Mud or Rocks?

Tony T. from Canada JL order update!

So back in the second week of May, we got a letter from a JEeper up in Canada who was sharing with us his experience in buying a brand new 2018 JL Wrangler….. And not getting delivery of it. In episode 332, and 333, we told the story of poor Tony T, who has owned Jeeps before, and currently owned a 2013 JKU. Well he went to the dealership, picked out his options, color, the whole nine, and then waited for the delivery of his new Jeep. And he waited, and he waited, and he waited some more, only to be told, that yes his jeep had arrived but no he couldn’t pick it up, as the government or some such power in charge claimed it failed it’s inspection. And wouldn’t tell him why. So he had no other option, but to start the whole process over again. Tony was a good sport though, and he jumped through the hoops he needed to, and even kept us in the loop during the process as well. I will say this though, the man’s patience needs to be commended. As it has been 6 months now since he ordered it the first time, and we’re getting our latest update. He writes: (Listen to hear more!)

Tech Talk with Jeep Talk

Low dollar upgrade to the Chrysler 8.25

There is a ton of options when it comes to upgrading the rear axle of your Jeep. From cool and functional aftermarket differential covers, gear sets, armor, trusses, lockers, chromoly axle shafts and more. But typically none of those will fail you on the trail. Oh sure it’s possible to snap an axle shaft, or break your gears, I’ve seen it happen. And yes, you can break a diff cover too. But it’s going to be way more likely that you break a U Joint before you break any of those other items. You may find U-joint products that claim they are bomb proof, or bulletproof, or come with a lifetime warranty. But none of that is going to prevent you from breaking one in a perfect storm scenario of circumstances when out on the trails. The best thing to do to avoid breakage is to keep yourself out of harm’s way. Wheel smart, and don’t start a run with the words, “here hold my beer, i wanna try sumpthin”  …. But I’m about to share with you a low cost trick you can use to upgrade a chrysler 8.25. Trusses are expensive, and there’s certainly a lot of cost involved in swapping gears. Shure armor will protect you too, and there’s some cool options out there too. But for less than $20 you can gain a little more peace of mind when it comes to your U-joints. Now U-joints don’t last forever. Even if all your jeep ever sees is road miles, those U-joints WILL fail eventually. But if miles aren’t your only concern, and you take your Jeep off road, then this is a mod you’ll want to look at doing. Once upon a time the inventor of the U-joint was looking for a way to hold them in place when he got the bright idea to just strap them in place using a small thin stamped piece of metal. And this is fine unless you plan on putting any stressors on that U joint like those found when wheeling. Sometimes those forces add up, and those puny little U-joint straps can only take so much abuse before they stretch out, or fail altogether. And when that happens, carnage ensues. So, how can we improve on this design, do it easily, and without breaking the bank? Simple, with a trip to the parts store and a drill bit, we’re going to substantially increase the strength of that rear drive shaft joint. Read more »

Episode 341 – Help Find Missing Girl In Jeep

July 13, 2018
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This Week In Jeep:

Jeep sales up 22%, on pace for best year ever!

CaptureThe U.S. auto industry has shown impressive resilience through the first half of the year, with sales coming in better than most analysts expected. But even against that backdrop, 2018 has been exceptional for Jeep. Through the year’s first six months, Jeep has sold 495,022 vehicles in the United States. Not only is that up 22 percent from last year, but it puts Jeep on pace to eclipse 2016 as the brand’s best year ever. That year, which was the industry’s best on record in terms of sales, Jeep moved 926,376 units. There’s a very real chance Jeep will sell 1 million vehicles in the United States this year. To put that into some context, it was only 2014 when Jeep broke the 1 million unit barrier globally. That really does say a whole lot about where the industry is if an exclusively SUV brand sells 1 million units in a year. And most analysts agree. Jeep is on pace to set the bar higher than any other automaker on the planet. Finally… my predictions of a Jeep based global domination are coming true!

Missing Oregon woman’s Jeep spotted entering Monterrey County

CaptureOver the last week or so, you may have seen or heard about a woman and her Jeep pop up in the news. Unfortunately it’s not for anything nice. New evidence indicates Angela Hernandez, a Portland woman who was reported missing while on a trek along the west coast was last seen in Monterey County, according to the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office. 23 yr old Angela Hernandez, was driving her white 2011 Jeep Patriot with Oregon plates from Oregon to Southern California to visit family when she disappeared on July 6th. The whole trip Hernandez would call and text relatives several times each day during her journey south…that is until she reached Half Moon Bay, deputies said. On the morning of July 6, she told her family she was getting back on Highway 1 southbound from Half Moon Bay and expected to arrive in Southern California that night. She never arrived. And according to deputies, her family hasn’t heard from her since then. Search efforts ensued, including Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s deputies searching the coastline from the air. On Thursday, deputies said they found video footage from traffic and security cameras showing Hernandez’s Jeep entering Monterey County at about 9:30 a.m.  Footage from businesses along Highway 1 helped San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office investigators determine that Hernandez drove as far south as the Carmel area on Friday, hours after she texted that she was leaving Half Moon Bay. Conversations with residents led them to believe she may have taken Nacimiento-Fergusson Road, south of Big Sur, to Highway 101 in order to bypass the closure of Highway 1 in Gorda. Search efforts are slim in that area due to accessibility and terrain. Currently there is a $10,000 reward for information leading to her discovery.

Anyone with information about her whereabouts should call authorities.

Jeep Tips!

Steve 4.3LXJ – Dana 30 Part 7

Wrangler Talk:

More Jeep Buttons

Working on another buttons video. This time I’m going to share what the other buttons on the center console do. The two outside with the marking that looks like a chair is the heated seat button. One is for the driver and one for the passenger. The passengers in the back seat are out of luck. Now not all Jeeps have this. I very rarely use this button. The few times I did was when I had lower back pains. But I remember the first time I did it felt like I pee’d myself.  The next is button is the Electronic Stability Control button.  Then the hill descent which I share in episode …. And I have a video on You Tube.  Then you have the hazards and this emblem is red. If you don’t know how to use this you shouldn’t be driving any vehicle.  The next button, on my Jeep, is the super stealth button. I plan on showing you how it’s used in my next video which I hope to post on YouTube on Sunday.


Charles W. 5 out of 5 stars
Great show, only listened to 5 so far. I have subscribed will look forward to new episodes every week. Read more »