Episode 350 – Jeep Action Mag Winner Announced!!

September 14, 2018
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This Week In Jeep: Orr Jeep Recovery Details / Jeep Turns To Celebrities For Wrangler Customization Contest

Contributor Segment: Steve 4.3LXJ – More Dana 30 Stuff

Wrangler Talk: n/a

Interview with: Robin “Rob” Touw

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk: n/a

Must Have Stuff for your Jeep: Flexible Magnetic Tool Holder – Lodesol Flexible Magnetic Tool Holder – https://amzn.to/2D2J2xY

Jeep Cherokee Stock To Wheeler:

Nicky G: “in a wardrobe”

Wheeling Where:

Quadratec Annual Tent Sale



Natural State Overland Presents: Rendezvous in the Ozarks 2018



Episode 349 – Grandma Thwarts Thieves From Her Jeep

September 7, 2018
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This Week In Jeep: Elderly woman wards off car thieves from her Jeep.

Jeeps sales numbers are in – doesn’t look good for FCA

Contributor Segment: Steve 4.3LXJ – Dana 30 (?)

Wrangler Talk: Part 5 of What is a Wrangler? The JL

Interview with: Shawn Woods

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk: Last Installment of Upgrading JK/JKU Dana 30

Jeep Momma Product Review: Goofy LED Safety Flares Kit Road Emergency  

Jeep Cherokee Stock To Wheeler: n/a

Nicky G: Washing machine air compressor

Wheeling Where:

Colors In The Catskills – Offroad Edition



Trail Hero at Hurricane Recreation Center


Links Mentioned in Episode 349:

Goofy LED Road Flares https://www.amazon.com/Emergency-Warning-Flashing-Reflectors-Motorcycle/dp/B07BSYHY55/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1536283787&sr=8-1&keywords=goofy+led+safety+flares


Episode 348 – New MOAB Wrangler Details LEAKED

August 31, 2018
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This Week In Jeep:

Jeep Wrangler Moab Edition Adds Big Tires, More Standard Equipment

CaptureYa know it’s funny, I think it was just within the last couple episodes, that we were talking about trim levels, and how Jeep has historically, even back to the CJ7 and scrambler days had multiple trim packages available. There was some unofficial rumors floating around the last few months, and this week it was officially announced. The newest trim level for the newest wrangler, the 2018 JL will be the Moab Edition. This answers the call that many have voiced, that there is isn’t a middle ground when it comes to the latest Wrangler offerings. You either get all the off road prowess of the Rubicon, or you got all the more commuter friendly trimmings in the Sahara. This new MOAB Edition is a modest package that adds a bit more style to the Wrangler Sahara, not to mention some added capability for those still wanting to get into the woods or out on the sand.

Aside from the predictable and quite prominent Moab branding on the hood, the other more obvious difference comes with the big 32-inch all-terrain tires mounted on 17-inch Rubicon wheels. These however are finished in a menacing low-gloss black. The darker theme continues with the headlight surrounds, grille throats, and tow hooks, all of which get the same blackout treatment. Although this is a Sahara underneath, It wears a Rubicon hood and steel bumpers, and the Moab Edition gets Rubicon rock rails as standard equipment. The new model also gets a standard-issue body-color hardtop, but of course the dual tops or the power top are both optional.

There’s more standard equipment on the drivetrain side of things too. Jeep’s Selec-Trac full-time two-speed transfer case comes with every Moab. And though you won’t see selectable lockers on this trim level, Jeep went ahead and gave you the next best thing. Also installed as standard equipment on every new MOAB Wrangler, will be a limited-slip rear differential and a bevy of other driver assist systems. Most of these fall  in the Safety Group that include blind-spot monitoring, cross traffic alert, and parking assist. Naturally, those systems include a reverse camera and the massive Uconnect 8.4-inch touchscreen with navigation. To complement all that eye candy, your ears will be treated to the booming nine-speaker Alpine stereo. Oh, and did I mention that the interior is trimmed with leather…..? Although the word is out, Jeep hasn’t officially listed  pricing for its latest Wrangler, but if the guesstimates are any indicator, we’ll likely see the Moab Edition available for around $51,000. That number can’t be confirmed obviously, but is probably in the ballpark. Treat yourself, or torture yourself depending on your situation, and schedule a test drive today.

It couldn’t have gone to a better home….

CaptureA special event was held recently, at The Barrel House, a restaurant, bar, and craft beer brewery, in Sioux Falls South Dakota. It was a fundraiser for a program called Hungry Hearts. Their goal is the kids in the local school district. Making sure none of them go hungry, and that every kid gets a hot meal instead of a cold cheese sandwich. SuAnne Knutson had been donating her Saturday as a volunteer at the Hungry Hearts event. When it came time to draw a winner, her prediction came true. About an hour before the event, she bought one of the $50 raffle tickets for the grand prize…. A brand new Jeep valued at $29,000.

She said “I am going to buy a ticket and I am going to win that Jeep,”

The single mom of four, including her son Jack with special needs, was in great need of a new vehicle. Now, she’s grateful for her family’s new ride. After hearing her name she was in disbelief. I think I was in shock for two days,” Knutson said. Knutson picked up the Jeep on Monday and says her son Jack approves of the new wheels.  “He loves the Jeep. He was in there pushing all the buttons trying to figure out all the gadgets. Seeing what everything did. He thought it was pretty impressive,” Knutson said. It was an impressive win on a day that raises tens of thousands of dollars for kids in need. Their goal was to beat last years tally of $93,000. The Barrel House is still counting all the donations from this weekend, but early reports are hinting that they might have just done it.

Wrangler Talk:

What is a Wrangler? (JL)

Interview with: Dan Cole – The 4×4 Podcast


Tech Talk With Jeep Talk:

Upgrading the JK/JKU Dana 30 (part 4)

We began talking about the Dana 30 found specifically under the 2006 – 2017 JK and JKU Wranglers back in episode 344. Last week we closed with tips and tricks to extend the life of your Dana 30, and improve its capabilities. Along the way I highlighted the importance of doing selective modifications that not only increase the strength of the axle, but also its resale value too. We got pretty specific with the gears, the parts inside the differential, and I want to sort of ride that wave into this episode. Whenever you re-gear a vehicle, it’s a good idea to use a new master installation kit. Just about every gear manufacturer offers these and sometimes they may even be included in your gear set package, depending on where you end up buying from.  This will ensure that you have all the necessary shims, bearings and races that are available to set up the new gears the correct way for dependable service. Setting up the wear pattern of any new gear set isn’t something to be taken lightly. And trust me, this is something that requires specialty tools, like set up bearings, presses, and dial indicators. Unless you are properly equipped and trained, I’d recommend letting a qualified shop do this part. I could go into the details and steps for setting the backlash on a Dana 30, its not terribly hard, but I’d rather not give some of you false hope that it’s something you can do, and you end up grenading your diff. Having a pro handle your gear set up will ensure long life and noise-free operation. Cutting corners at this phase, or trying to do it without the right tools and training, and you can do severe damage to the axle, the drive train, and possibly the vehicles around you. That being said I’m going to bring up the 5 words that anyone who is in the process of a Jeep build NEVER wants to hear…..

WHILE YOU ARE IN THERE…… Those dreaded 5 words are extremely hard to argue with, since what follows always makes sense. Logistically, timewise, financially, you name it, it checks all the boxes and pisses us all off. But it’s true…. while you’re in there, regearing your axles, or having your gears cryo-treated, you might as well take the opportunity to install a traction device of some kind. That’s right, a locker. Regardless of what type of locker you’re going with, (and if you’d like to learn more about the Jeeps differential and the types of lockers out there, check out episodes 302 thru 304) ….doing gears at the same time as a locker install or vice versa is just good sense. I mean why do something twice if you don’t have to?  And it’s not like shop labor is cheap either. Do yourself a favor, and plan for this, make sure you budget out for both axle’s gears, master install kits, and the lockers for both or either. YES, this will be expensive, i’m not going to try and sugar coat it for you. It’s going to be a decent investment, but you’ll see good returns on the back end of this. Trust me. But there are ways to ease the pocket book pain however, including things like ebay auctions, jeep club sell offs, craigslist part outs, and more. It might take you a while to save up the funds or the parts, but your Jeep will be a whole different machine when your done, and will be far more capable than ever before. Not to mention more valuable. With a bulletproof set of gears and a locker to match, the next rational place to focus your attention will be the axle shafts. Oh…. THIS is where things get good!… buuuut yur going to have to wait till next week before we “pull the shafts out.”

Must Have Stuff for your Jeep:

Tailgater – Tire Mounted Work Table  (See more at Amazon!)

CaptureEasy to install, no tools or hitch required.  Mounts to vehicle tire. Requires approximately 2-inches clearance between tire and fender. Great for tailgating, camping, car trips, RVing and all outdoor vehicle adventures. Completely stable regardless of ground conditions; includes retractable leg for additional support. Powder coated finish stands up to the elements; easily holds up to 50 lbs.
Compact and easily portable, weighs under 13 lbs.; measures 29″ L x 23″ w x 1.5″ thick



Nicky G: Is Josh and Tammy THE SAME PERSON?!?

Wheeling Where: (Submit your events here)

When: Sept. 29th
Where (City, State): Tuscon Az.

More Info: https://www.facebook.com/jeepbacktheblue/
Just a bunch of Jeepers and other 4×4/offroad folks showing support to our local law enforcement. Raffle prices, vendors, food trucks, special presentation to an officer.

Who/What: Trail Hero at Hurricane Recreation Center
When: Oct 2nd – 6th
Where: Hurricane, Utah

More Info: http://www.thetrailhero.com/

Back The Blue
Just a bunch of Jeepers and other 4×4/offroad folks showing support to our local law enforcement. Raffle prices, vendors, food trucks, special presentation to an officer.

Trail Hero


Episode 347 – Ball Joints, Axle Seals, and Disk Brakes – OH MY!

August 24, 2018
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Root One Six Off Road is a veteran-owned & operated community-focused brand. To ensure they are meeting the needs of the great Jeep and off road community, they need your help! Root One Six is currently looking for Brand Ambassadors to represent them on the trail, in their clubs and of course, at events.  If you are interested in applying email sales@rootonesix.com That is sales at r-o-o-t-o-n-e-s-i-x-dot-com.

Today’s episode of the Jeep Talk Show is also sponsored in part by…ExtremeTerrain, leaders in 1987 to 2018 Wrangler Parts and Accessories. ExtremeTerrain provides top-tier expertise and customer support from genuine Wrangler Experts. Stay tuned to later in this episode for details on their massive Degan 38 Armor package giveaway.

This Week In Jeep:

Recent FCA Recall Affects Jeeps

When this report first hit the news feeds this week, it was amidst a fair amount of drama and speculation. With the dust no where near settled, after the big changes at the executive level, a massive recall was sure to be the spark that would ignite a fire. However the recall although fairly serious, isn’t affecting that many Jeeps. The recall affects 209,000 minivans and SUVs worldwide across multiple platforms to fix spongy brakes. A problem that can cause longer stopping distances than the driver would otherwise expect during normal driving conditions. However most of that is in the minivan side of things. The recall covers the 2018 Dodge Journey, the 2018 and 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan. However with the Jeep Compass and the 2019 Jeep Cherokee also being affected, it’s best to get into the dealer right away if you have one of these, just to make sure you’re safe. The company says a brake-system part wasn’t built to specifications, allowing gas bubbles to form in the brake fluid. Once this happens, the ability of the brakes to apply adequate force to the pads is greatly reduced. Imagine pressing on the brake  pedal, and it not having the resistance you were expecting, not only that, but your ability to stop in a relatively short distance is now impossible.

FCA has received no customer complaints or reports of any crashes or injuries from the problem as of yet. Owners will be notified shortly if they haven’t already gotten the notice. Dealers will replace the brake fluid, which Fiat Chrysler says will solve the problem.

Man Falls From Jeep While Hunting and Dies

A Utah man was pronounced dead after he fell off the back of a Jeep while hunting late Monday night, according to the State’s Highway Patrol. The deceased has been identified as 28 year old Nicholas J Demas, of West Valley City.  A silver Jeep Wrangler was traveling westbound on state route 153 near milepost 21 in Beaver County around 10:35 p.m. The two passengers were standing on a homemade rack on the back of the Jeep while bowhunting mule deer. While they were traveling, a single strap/handle that was attached to the roll cage of the Jeep broke, according to Utah Highway Patrol. When this happened, Demas then fell off the back of the Jeep. It is unclear how fast the Jeep was traveling at the time, but when he fell, his head hit the pavement. CPR was initiated on scene by first responders. A Life Flight helicopter also responded to the scene. Demas, however, was pronounced dead at the scene, according to the report.

Contributor Segment:

Steve 4.3lxj – Dana 30

Wrangler Talk:

Tammy Talks about the TJ

Tammy interviews Charlene, Ladies Offroad Interview

Interview with:

Mike Heath


True Patriot Inc.
The Atlantic Division Director of True Patriot Inc.
A veteran founded & managed charity organization that is driven to provide relief, support, joy & loyalty to our nation’s active duty military, veterans, & their families through the programs they provide.

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk:

Increasing the strength of your JK/JKU Dana 30

Nicky G:

Bad News For Sir Craps-a-Lot

Wheeling Where:

NW Off Road Expo:

Extreme Off Road Expo:

Lucas Oil Off Road Expo:

Links Mentioned in Episode 347:

Extreme Terrain – Deegan 38 Armor Giveaway: